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1999 CYCLEPATHZKinetic Sculpture
Blown Away!  The Wind Energy Airheads
artists concept

      frame, sculpture & costume

1999 Craft upgrades:

  •  Kevlar and carbon fiber pontoons with improved hydrodynamics
  •  Redesigned frame for improved weight distribution
  •  Skip-proof chain tensioning system
  •  Upgraded driveline components
  •  Water driveline gear ratio adjusted for higher cadence
  •  Propeller cowling added for increased thrust
  •  Tubeless rear tires


  •   Second place in the race
  •  Third place overall
  •  Third place Engineering
  •  Third place Sculpture
  •  Best Bribes


    Specific media mention of the craft in: Daily Camera (twice), Daily Times-Call, Denver Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post